Something completely different for your wedding…

An experience you won’t soon forget! Discover how Michael can make your wedding even more unforgettable by adding Interactive Strolling Magic or an edge of your seat Stage Performance. Scroll down to learn more…

Outstanding Entertainment That Will Engage, Delight and Excite!

 Experience unparalleled professionalism!
Michael provides a worry-free experience from first contact to the last applause.

Strolling Magic & Mentalism

Consider having your guests truly captivated during cocktails, waiting for photos to be completed, after dinner/speeches and so much more.
Every event needs entertainment and Strolling Magic & Mentalism is the ultimate solution to help create a “WOW” factor for your guests. You’ll know it’s a success by the laughter and buzz that Michael immediately generates! Rather than perform in front of your full group simultaneously, Michael seamlessly blends in and out of small groups showcasing intimate and impossible close-up magic and mind-blowing mental feats! It makes for a great ice-breaker. The approach is non-invasive, low-key and Michael’s charm and ability to engage your guests is magic in itself!
In addition to the gasps, wonder and loads of laughs, Michael will work with you to customize your evening and most importantly, make it unforgettable. Experience the difference and why so many groups trust Michael to dazzle their guests!


The Live Performance

Michael’s show is the ultimate entertainment solution for Corporate Events, Gala’s, Banquets, General Meetings and More.Witness a performance of mind-blowing mental feats, amazing magic and hilarious comedy – specifically for special events. If you think you have seen it all, think again! The show is based around interaction and participation; members of the audience are called up on stage to experience the incredible first hand and become some of the stars of the performance. He engages and dazzles his audiences using an assortment of hilarious and amazing magic, mind-reading, influence and quick wit; truly leaving a lasting impression on everyone watching.

In addition to the gasps, wonder and loads of laughs, Michael will work with you to customize your evening and most importantly, make it memorable. Experience the difference and why so many companies trust Michael to deliver a captivating performance.


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  • Clean, Funny Entertainment

  • Completely Self-Contained

  • Over 3500 Performed Events & 20+ Years of Experience

  • Loads of Audience Participation & Interaction

  • Audience members are the Stars of the Show

  • Super Simple Booking Process & Lots of Communication

  • Reliable & Always on time

  • Live Animals Included in the Show

Book your show in 3 simple steps…

For your convenience you can complete the simple process online, typically in a prompt manner. It’s literally as simple as 3 easy steps. Simply inquire through the contact form, you’ll quickly receive an email with Michael’s prices and availability, complete the booking and Michael takes care of the rest. It’s literally that easy! If you prefer to call, by all means do not hesitate as he can complete your booking over the phone as well.

See Michael In-Action!

Frequently Asked Questions:

If any of your questions are not answered below, please email me and I will gladly answer any additional thoughts/questions…

Just a space thats comfy enough to sit everyone and have me able to move around a little bit. Like I said, I always make it work. Typically for schools, a gym, classroom works well. Same for camps.
I do not require a deposit. However if you cancel, please read my cancellation policy.
Prices vary, but are quite affordable. I’d be lying to you if I said I am the cheapest option, that’s likely not the case, but by no means am I the most expensive. When it comes to entertainment, I know the business, I know how to perform for kids and will deliver a great show. For the cheaper options, in most cases the old saying is true – “you get what you pay for”.
This is really up to you. I book shows anywhere from 1 day before the event all the way to 18 months before the event. If you want to ensure you have great entertainment at your event, the sooner the better.
As long as I am not surrounded. Just make me aware of the performing conditions and we will make it happen!
Yes, however please note that its not the optimal environment for a live show. Many distractions occur including heat, wind, random objects and more. If its a fair or festival, we have specific shows for those atmospheres that ensure we don’t run into any problems.
Yes. I’m actually the only magician in Ottawa who features an exotic bird in their show. It’s always a BIG hit.
Because dates are limited if you book and cancel within 45 days, there is a fee of 50% of the cost.