Frequently Asked Questions:

Michael is recognized as the #1 option available amongst Ottawa magicians. Why, you might ask? Simply put, he ensures that your expectations are more than just met, they’re exceeded. He is a full time professional and has performed for over 1800 birthday parties throughout his 15 year career!

Thank you for your interest in my program. Here are some frequently asked questions that I have answered for your convenience; if you have any further inquiries about my show, don’t hesitate to ask.

What kind of space do you require?
Nothing fancy is required. If it’s at your house, a living room or basement is ideal; essentially an area that has enough space to seat everyone and to have my show. I take up very little room, so usually a 6′ x 6′ area is sufficient for me. If it’s at a hall or community center, just a designated area for the show is ideal and it should also be against a wall.

Do you need anything from us?
No, my show is completely self contained which means I bring everything from the tables, music player to the magic itselfJ. All that’s required from you is access to an electrical outlet.

Some magicians offer longer shows than you do….why?
I used to perform all of my shows for 45-50 minutes but what would happen at times (pending on age especially) is the kids would not be able to focus for that long of a period, no matter how entertaining and amazing the show is. It has nothing to do with the quality of performance, rather some kids have longer attention spans than others; keep in mind that its a busy, exciting day with lots of games, presents, fun and most likely SUGAR 🙂 and kids will have a hard time staying seated for 45+ minutes. Over time I shortened the show to 35-40 minutes as it seems to be the perfect length for a fun presentation, while having 100% of there focus. After the show I bring out my exotic bird and this also adds to my stay and the entertainment value you receive.

What if your price is higher than others… why is that?
I don’t know what others charge, but I can tell you that mine is fairly priced compared to other working pros. A working professional makes a huge difference. I have no doubt you can find someone cheaper, but the big difference is the show quality, the 3000+ shows experience and the booking process. The show is presented over 200 times a year and is a polished, scripted show designed to entertain children & families. The performing experience is another important factor; a lot of amateurs or people performing part-time simply haven’t accumulated enough experience to know what to do and how to handle certain situations. The booking process is another important part to keep in mind. You’re kept completely informed and in contact from start to finish.

How many kids can you perform for?
This is at your discretion really. I set a ceiling of up to 20 kids and a total of 30 people (so 20 kids + 10 adults), but it’s very rare that house parties exceed that. If yours happens to have more, let me know as I can still perform the show but will have to make a few adjustments.

Can you do loot bags?
Absolutely! My loot bags consist of a magic tricks for the kids to perform, a few goodies, a magic wand and a magic booklet. These can be included for an additional charge (price calculated per child), just ask me and I will let you know the cost.

How far in advance do you arrive?
I arrive 15-20 minutes ahead of time to set up the show and after the show is complete, it takes me 10 minutes to pack the show up.

Can your show be performed outside?
Yes it can, however because I use live birds in my performance, I would rather be indoors. If outdoors is your only option, I certainly can make the necessary adjustments to keep the birds in the show and perform outside.