Looking for a magician in Ottawa who specializes in Birthday Parties? Look no further.

The Best Birthday Party Entertainment in Ottawa…

Picture this: Your child, their friends and family – laughing and truly being amazed by thrilling magic, all in your home or venue!

It can happen. Cue ‘Michael The Magician’! Michael presents one of the most fascinating, amazing, laugh-out-loud and memorable birthday shows in Ottawa today. His show is the perfect solution to your entertainment needs, and most importantly at an affordable cost to your budget. Michael is full time professional with 18 years experience, performs at over 200 family events every year and has been nominated for Canadian Entertainer of the Year by the Special Events Association of Canada!

Here is a brief summary of the performance: 
Michael’s show starts off with a stunning production of a live exotic bird! Like a good book or movie, to engage an audience, regardless of their age, you need a ‘hook’ and Michael’s production of his famous bird ‘Shadow’ truly accomplishes this. From there, Michael interacts with the audience through participation, presenting original, incredible and hilarious magic that kids will definitely enjoy. Michael also puts an emphasis on the birthday child, making them one of the stars of the show. They will be asked to participate several times throughout the show and experience the magic first hand!

More routines are presented that are fun, lively and colourful; Michael also uses magical music which is choreographed into the show to create a terrific visual element to the performance as well. He combines amazing magic with hilarious moments to create a show that will amaze the young and young at heart. Kids and adults will without question enjoy the incredible magic which is presented LIVE at your birthday party! Michael also has terrific options to enhance your party such as loot bags, workshops and much more!


How much does this amazing show cost? Less than you think… Simply contact Michael today to find out more details and pricing for his amazing birthday packages. Don’t be shy to take a few minutes and watch Michael’s highlight reel – he is the only magician in Ottawa that offers live video of his show!

Very important to note: Michael has different shows for different ages. He does not present the same show to a group of 8/9 year olds as he does for a group of 5/6 year olds. Each show is custom tailored to your specific needs, age group and requirements. He has shows perfect for ages 5+. Scroll below to see frequently asked questions.


Kids don’t want to just see magic – they want to experience it!

All of Michael’s shows are filled with clean comedy, audience interaction and participation.

  • Clean, Funny Entertainment

  • Completely Self-Contained

  • Over 2500 Children’s Events & 18+ Years of Experience

  • Loads of Audience Participation & Interaction

  • Birthday Child is the Star of the Show

  • Super Simple Booking Process & Lots of Communication

  • Always on time

  • Live Animals Included in the Show

Book your show in 3 simple steps…

As a father of two, Michael knows how busy (and sometimes stressful) being a parent can be. That’s why he’s made it super easy to book his show. For your convenience you can complete the simple process online, typically in a prompt manner. It’s literally as simple as 3 easy steps. Simply inquire through the contact form, you’ll quickly receive an email with Michael’s prices and availability, complete the booking and Michael takes care of the rest. It’s literally that easy! If you prefer to call, by all means do not hesitate as he can complete your booking over the phone as well.

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What do satisfied parents and party organizers have to say…

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Frequently Asked Questions:

If any of your questions are not answered below, please email me and I will gladly answer any additional thoughts/questions… michael@livemagic.ca

If it’s in your house, I have never seen a basement or living room that wasn’t workable. Just a space thats comfy enough to sit everyone and have me able to move around a little bit. Like I said, I always make it work.
For birthdays, I do not require a deposit. However if you cancel, please read my cancellation policy . As for costs, the price may vary, but are quite affordable. I’d be lying to you if I said I am the cheapest option, that’s likely not the case, but by no means am I the most expensive. When it comes to entertainment, I know the business, I know how to perform for kids and will deliver a great show. For the cheaper options, in most cases the old saying is true – “you get what you pay for”.
These are a real highlight actually. The bags are filled with fun items that are completely magic themed. Each bag has some fun tricks, cool novelties, a magic booklet and a magic wand! The kids love them. Contact to learn more. If you book, you don’t need to confirm the final number until the day before the event.
This is really up to you. I book shows anywhere from 1 day before the event all the way to 18 months before the event. If you want to ensure you have great entertainment at your event, the sooner the better.
No deposit required for birthdays. If you cancel, please make sure you read our cancellation policy.
For birthdays, the show can be set ALMOST anywhere. As long as I am not surrounded. For Company Events I offer amazing flexibility as well. Just make us aware of the performing conditions and I will make it happen!
Yes, for birthdays however please note that its not the optimal environment for a live show. Many distractions occur including heat, wind, random objects and more. If its a fair or festival, we have specific shows for those atmospheres that ensure we don’t run into any problems.
Yes. I’m actually the only magician in Ottawa who features an exotic bird in their show. It’s always a BIG hit.
Because dates are limited if you book a birthday and cancel within 45 days, there is a fee of 50% of the cost.
5+. Kids 4 and under do not connect well with a magic show, no matter who the magician. Note that kids who are ages 5-6 will not see the same show as kids 8-9 etc. Each show is tailored to the specific age group.

Click HERE to see our detailed ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

Magician With Wands

Dear parent or party planner;

My name is Michael, I’m a professional magician and children’s entertainer who specializes in providing outstanding magic shows for birthday parties in the Ottawa, ON and surrounding area. I’ve been a full-time professional for over 18 years and I would love the chance to entertain your group. I know it’s extremely difficult (and stressful) to plan an event but I assure you, booking my show is one of the easiest things you’ll do.

You’re probably wondering what separates my show from the rest? The show I present is original, extremely exciting, laugh-out-loud funny and completely self-contained, but its not just about the show, its about the booking process, the professionalism and most importantly the experience. If you do a quick search online, you’ll likely find several entertainment options for children’s parties, including other magicians in Ottawa, however entertaining for children is no easy task… One of the biggest differences that sets me a part from the competition, (aside from a great show) is that I have performed at over 2500 children’s events throughout my career and have the necessary experience to entertain kids of all ages. With my show you’re getting a proven performance that is tailored to your group.

It doesn’t just stop at a magic show, when you reserve with me you’ll receive a complimentary party planning guide, printable invitations and non-stop service leading right up to the event itself. Additionally, I offer optional magic themed loot bags and party favours, making your day that much easier. If you’re looking for a fun-filled, affordable and amazing performance, you’ve stopped at the right website; you can count on me to deliver exactly that. Feel free to take a look around my site, watch some HD video and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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