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It’s EduTainment! A clever and proven way to connect with kids on today’s most talked about issues!

Now available VIRTUALLY!

Outstanding Entertainment And A Message That Kids Can Relate Too! For 2020-21 Michael’s Show is Available Virtually! Even during a pandemic, bullying still needs to be a strong talking point.

This program of magic with a message is designed to help students realize that although each of us may be unique on the outside, we all feel the same on the inside and have the same basic need for acceptance and respect. The end goal of every performance is to encourage and inspire students to create a safe and happy school community. Meet professional Canadian magician, Michael Bourada; through interesting and cutting edge tricks and illusion, he presents a funny, fast paced, interactive and entertaining program that will also educate on the growing issue of bullying and teach them how to find the HERO inside of them. Michael now has made his show available for virtual performances, meaning any school – anywhere in the world can experience the magic! Scroll below for the answers to popular questions!

Subjects covered in this program include defining what a bully is/does, recognizing the different types of bullying, what we can all do to prevent it (W.I.T.S.) and the emotional pain we can cause by bullying someone. The show also has a focus on GROWTH MINDSET, encouraging others and believing in yourself!

Michael is a well known magician in Canada and around the world. He has been seen on international TV – featured on the hit TV show ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us’, he has over 250,000 followers on TikTok with over 65 million views and he has toured the country 5 times! The performance has a very modern look and feel to it; forget about tails, top hats and abracadabra, this is a magic show that will create a buzz within your school and something the students will remember for years to come. The show can be presented with an audience size up to 600 students.

Furthermore, Michael is sure to incorporate many volunteers into his show having them truly experience the fun, magic and message for themselves! With virtual shows this is also possible because Michael calls on individual class rooms to participate in the fun!

The great thing about this presentation is that everything is self-contained. Michael provides everything needed to create a show that is fun, magical and memorable. Sound System, Microphone, any necessary backdrop and more are all included when you book.

How does it work for virtual shows?

The virtual shows offered can vary from 15 minutes to 50 minutes. For schools, we can perform either one show that every class can tune in to or for individual groups. Another cool feature is those at participating in remote home learning can also easily login to watch too! In addition to the amazing message, the audience/classes watching can become some of the stars of the show! Virtual online magic shows can be viewed by as little as 2 people to over 2000 people. Another cool feature is Michael can offer a free live demonstration so you can see the high production value and watch a sample of the amazing magic!

In addition to the gasps, wonder and loads of laughs, Michael will work with you to customize any messaging or special requests and most importantly, make it memorable.

Is it hard to set up?

The great thing is it couldn’t be easier. All of the tech work is done for you. You’re given a direct link to log in with. The show is password protected so nobody else aside from the school community can interrupt. Groups will log in about 5-10 minutes prior and the show will begin on time. I send you a simple PDF with any additional instructions, but everything is easy and quite manageable.

Is it on Zoom only or can we use other software?

The preferred software is Zoom but the show has been presented on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet Verizon BlueJeans, YouTube Live, Cisco WebEx and more.

Don’t be shy to take a few minutes and watch Michael’s highlight reel.


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