Hey everyone.

I hope your summer is going well. Thought I would update with what has been happening in my world of magic and mayhem!

It’s been one of my busiest summers to date. Like every summer, we close down the weekly Friday show because its honestly just too much. People don’t want to spend their Friday inside and neither do I :). With that extra time I tend to focus on performing for summer festivals, camps, special events and more.

Between the daily shows at various family and camp functions and then corporate stuff in the evenings, it’s been jammed. I managed to sneak away to P.E.I. as well for a little business and pleasure. I especially loved my time in Charlottetown – highly recommended. ( oh and don’t forget COWS Ice Cream )

I was able to get my work done early and enjoy the rest of the time with the fam!



I was also featured at a high profile function where benefits went to the Capital City Condors. If you aren’t familiar, they are a program here in Ottawa that helps kids with development disabilities play hockey. I was blessed to be the feature entertainment of the evening and we had a sold out crowd.

I also had events with Saunders Farm and many other performances that were a total blast.

I will check back in late August with an update of some of the other fun events I will be featured at in the second half of the summer!

Enjoy the weather!