The busy season begins!

We are approaching one of my busiest times of year. Everything from fairs, festivals, camps, school BBQs and much more.

As much as I like performing in my weekly show, Go Fool Yourself, this time of year brings me back to my roots for performing. I started doing shows when I was 9 yearsold but it became a true job when I was 14. It was part time because I was in school, but I was fortunate to be making what I would call at the time ‘good money’. There wasn’t a lot of magicians in Ottawa when I first started, so there was no shortage of smaller events. As my career progressed, sadly I got away from doing these shows. I spent the better part of my 20’s travelling in the fall, winter and spring and when summer came around, I just wanted to play golf and other sports. But when I decided to settle down and start a family, I wanted to get back into the shows that got me started. In 2009 I focused all of my attention on getting back ‘in the game’ with the Ottawa magicians. So flash forward several years later, my calendar couldn’t be more full and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been off the road for almost 7 years and although I still do some travelling [mostly flying now 🙂 ], I get truly excited for this time of year. Let the fun (and chaos) begin!